Greenhouses are a great solution for protecting crops and creating a micro-climate for them to thrive in.

Absolute Trade Supplies has the products and knowledge needed for your greenhouse solution

Solarshield® Hortcover

Solarshield® Hortcover is a reinforced greenhouse film suitable for large horticultural greenhouses. Solarshield Hortcover’s woven inner scrim gives it superior strength and tear resistance.

5 Year UV Warranty


Solarfilm is the perfect solution for lining commercial and domestic greenhouses.

The material has high puncture resistance, high tensile strength and features self-cleaning additives that help repel dust and dirt.

Greenhouse Accessories

Our Greenhouse Accessories are made to complement our Greenhouse Films.

Greenhouse Repair Tape can be used to minor tears and punctures in Solarfilm and Solarshield Hortcover products.

Frameguard Tape prevents wearing caused by greenhouse film rubbing against the frame of a greenhouse.