Protect your crops, nurseries and vehicles

Hail damage can be devastating, destroying entire farm crops and causing damage to uncovered vehicles.

Absolute Trade Supplies has the products and knowledge needed to safeguard your investments for when mother nature strikes.

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ABSHADE® Hailnet

ABSHADE® Hailnet is specially designed to minimise damage to crops from hailstorms and strong winds. The low shade factor can also assist by offering heat protection to plants and seedlings.

ALLPRO® Commercial Shadecloth

This high quality, monofilament knitted shadecloth carries a manufacturers warranty of up to ten years. These fabrics are designed specially for commercial uses such as plant nurseries, car parks / yards, shade sails and any other application that may be subject to tension.

Available in 4 shade factors rangin from 30% to 80%.

ABSHADE®Quad Protect

ABSHADE® Quad Protect is suitable for hail protection, wind protection, sun protection and bird/pest exclusion.
Quad Protect is specially designed to minimise damage to crops from hail storms and strong winds.

Available in a variety of aperture sizes