Absolute Trade Supplies is an industry leader in weed control.

Whether a home garden or a large scale farm, we have a weed control solution for you.

ABMAT™ Domestic Weedmat

Abmat Domestic Weedmat is for general garden situations and landscaping.

With low UV stabilisation, it is recommended that Abmat Weedmat is covered for longer product life.

ABMAT™ Premium Weedmat

Abmat Premium Weedmat is specially designed with the nursery industry in mind.

UV stabilized and hard-wearing, Abmat Premium Weedmat is built to last.

ABMAT™ Geo Fabric

Abmat™ Geo-Fabric is perfect for landscaping and drainage with high strength and water permeability.

is the perfect product to assist with soil drainage, filtration, separation and reinforcement.

Weedmat Accessories

Our Weedmat Accessories are made to complement our weedmat and horticultural cloth range.

Use Abmat Weedmat Staples to easily secure your weedmat.